Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Recap | Another Metro Detroit Trip

After five weekends away I'm really looking forward to spending four straight weeks in Grand Rapids. However, we still had a good weekend in Metro Detroit despite a crappy ending.

We didn't head east until midday Saturday which was a mistake, because we got stuck in crazy traffic and then had to go through a bunch of construction. We also had to stop at the Howell outlets to pick up a shirt for our anniversary pictures we're taking this week. As soon as we arrived at my in-laws we headed downtown for dinner at Compari's. We treated them to dinner for Father's day and got stuck paying $27 for three full caesar salads when we ordered three side salads, which was frustrating (the salads cost more than our pizzas)! Oh well, we still enjoyed dinner and the company.

After hanging out at their house for a while and taking the dogs for a walk Thomas and I headed back downtown to meet up with his cousin for a few drinks. My brother came out and we had a great time! I even found a hard cider I loved; Northville Winery's Crimson Dew Cherry Apple. It was delicious, which is surprising because I usually don't like any hard ciders.

After some shopping on Sunday morning we headed to my cousin's high school graduation party. It was great catching up with some family members that we haven't seen in a while and there was a lot of yummy food :)
From there we headed back to my in-laws to pick up Duke and hit the road. We stopped to fill up the gas tank when Thomas noticed this....
A screw in our tire!! UGHHHH!!! We don't know when we picked it up, but we knew we couldn't drive the two hours across state with it in there. So we rushed to Firestone to see if they could patch it...nope because the screw was in the sidewall. Which meant we needed to replace the tire and of course they didn't have our exact tire in stock so we were stuck for another night.

We woke up early this morning, called Belle Tire as soon as they opened, and thankfully they had our tire in stock and an opening! $230 later we were finally on our way home. Obviously Duke was glad to be heading home...
I'm thankful the whole situation wasn't worse and that we are now staying put for a while. I don't want to see I-96 again for a long time. Now I need to start packing... T-4 weeks until we move!

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  1. Oh goodness, so sorry about your tire troubles! They can be so stinkin' expensive but they are definitely a necessity!! I love your dress, it is so cute!