Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DITL | Daycare Edition

Ever since the days of Livejournal I've loved documenting a day in my life at any given time. I especially like doing "themed" ones- here I did a college edition and today I'm going to do a Daycare edition. It definitely wasn't an exciting day, but it shows a routine day at this time in my life.

7:45 am: Shower and get ready.
8:15am: Pack my work bag and snuggle my pooch!
8:25am: Give the pup a treat, leave for work & pick up breakfast on the way.
9:00-3:00: Good ole work!
3:10pm: Run a few errands after work
4:00pm: Change into comfy clothes as soon as I get home & then enjoy the warm weather with the pup in the backyard.
Blogger fail: I forgot to take a picture of the hubs getting home & of dinner.
8:00pm: The hubs and I take the furchild for a walk!
9:00pm: My computer has been a real big pain in the booty lately...
9:30pm- Watched a little bit of the Patriots preseason game and then SVU before falling asleep (I was still exhausted from the concert)!
And there's a glimpse into my everyday boring life ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

My 23rd Birthday

Since last week was my birthday I figured I'd recap the entire week today instead of just the weekend, because it was that good! ;) It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays to date!

I have always joked with T about wanting to celebrate the entire week leading up to the actual day and even though he thought it was absurd he actually went along with it this year! To celebrate I got a small ($25 or less) present everyday August 1st through the 7th (talk about spoiled).

We also went on extra date nights, I was allowed control over the remote, ect.
On my actual birthday we worked and then met our family (in-laws, grandparents, and brother) at Bahama Breeze for dinner, which was yummy and fun as always.
 I love these two boys more than anything in the world <3
And the reason I had to work was because I needed the next day off for the Backstreet Boys concert! AKA the second best (behind our wedding) night of my life. Words cannot describe how amazing the concert was, by far the best one I've ever been to and I've been wanting to see them in concert since I was 7 years old! A dream come true :)
There is a few videos on my Instagram if you'd like to hear little snippets and my terrible singing ;)
The amazing girls who went with me! We had such a great time!
And then we wrapped up the birthday celebrations Saturday night at Bar Louie with a group of 10 of my closest friends <3
 We sat outside on the patio at this amazing bar!
A delicious drink that I got! Unfortunately I forgot to ask the waitress to take a picture off all of us :(
And that is why this past week will go down in history as one of the best weeks of my life! I am so incredibly blessed and my heart is so full :)