Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DITL | Daycare Edition

Ever since the days of Livejournal I've loved documenting a day in my life at any given time. I especially like doing "themed" ones- here I did a college edition and today I'm going to do a Daycare edition. It definitely wasn't an exciting day, but it shows a routine day at this time in my life.

7:45 am: Shower and get ready.
8:15am: Pack my work bag and snuggle my pooch!
8:25am: Give the pup a treat, leave for work & pick up breakfast on the way.
9:00-3:00: Good ole work!
3:10pm: Run a few errands after work
4:00pm: Change into comfy clothes as soon as I get home & then enjoy the warm weather with the pup in the backyard.
Blogger fail: I forgot to take a picture of the hubs getting home & of dinner.
8:00pm: The hubs and I take the furchild for a walk!
9:00pm: My computer has been a real big pain in the booty lately...
9:30pm- Watched a little bit of the Patriots preseason game and then SVU before falling asleep (I was still exhausted from the concert)!
And there's a glimpse into my everyday boring life ;)

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