Friday, February 26, 2016

GR Eats | The Waldron Public House

About a month ago it was announced that McFadden's was closing and a new restaurant, by the same owners, would be taking it's place. I can't really comment much on McFadden's, because I had never been there, but I did hear a lot of not so great things from people who had which is why we never went.

We love checking out new restaurants and bars, especially downtown, so when I saw that the new restaurant, The Waldron Public House, was opening Valentine's weekend I told T we needed to check it out! We obviously didn't have time that weekend, but we did the following one.

On Friday's they have an all you can eat Fish Fry from 4-9pm for $9.99 (with the purchase of a drink), which is an awesome deal if you ask me and it does not disappoint! The meal was delicious, I loved the lighting and ambiance, and the service was great. They have a live jazz band on Friday and Saturday evenings and there's a cool hangout lounge if you're stopping in just for drinks.

The next time you're in Grand Rapids you should definitely check it out!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Late Weekend Recap

It is now Thursday and I am just getting around to posting this past weekend's recap... oops! But it was a great weekend so I want to make sure I capture it ;)

I had a wonderful five day weekend last week due to Mid-Winter Break for the school district that I'm currently interning at. That break was just what I needed! Ever since I started this placement in January I have been sick, but I guess that comes with the territory of working in close proximity to Kindergarteners and First graders. So here's how I spent the long weekend....
On Thursday I ran errands: went to the mall and enjoyed a long overdue trip to LUSH ;), dropped a few packages off at UPS, and hit up Target.

I made some amazing comfort food for dinner (who doesn't love tomato soup & grilled cheese?!) and I even got to enjoy my #TGIT shows since I usually record them... #grandmastatus :)

I spent the entire day on Friday working on my Portfolio for graduation. It took hours. T & I then ventured downtown for dinner at a brand new restaurant, The Waldron Public House, which I'll write about later this week. We decided to walk back home (Uber prices were through the roof due to a Griffins hockey game) in the 40mph winds, but I stopped to snap the above picture. I just really love that blue bridge!

Sunday brought our normal weekly prep; lots of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. Since the weather was beautiful we took Duke for a long walk down town. There's that blue bridge again ;)

As I'm sure you all heard Kalamazoo MI was rocked by a mass shooting Saturday evening and my heart breaks for the victims' families and the entire community. I spent three wonderful years in Kzoo at Western and it holds such a special place in my heart <3

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend

Whew, what a weekend! We managed to have a great weekend and Valentine's Day despite the bitter cold weather that Grand Rapids is experiencing.

We laid low Friday night, watching Shane Mauss' The Mating Season comedy show on Netflix and doing some online house searching. We're just starting the possible home buying process and I'm already overwhelmed.

We celebrated our Valentine's Day on Saturday, starting with reservations at The Melting Pot! The Melting Pot is my favorite restaurant and when I saw the special Valentine's Day menu I knew we had to go. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Thomas even said it was probably the best meal we've ever had there and we've been a handful of times.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Who could use another weekend after this weekend? I certainly could! It's only Monday and I'm already pooped. Only four more days to get through, but first here's a look at a few weekend highlights.
On Friday I finally received my national boards exam score and I PASSED!! Now there are only two things left on my checklist; portfolio and graduation!!