Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DITL | WMU Edition

I finally completed a DITL (Day in the Life)! I've been attempting to do one for years and I just could never got through the entire day. I can't say that my days are all that exciting, but they are definitely busy. I know that when I graduate (in FOURTEEN days!) I'll miss being this busy. And I think this will be really fun to look back on.

Thursday April 11, 2013

 Woke up at 8am and I usually lay in bed for a few minutes catching up on Twitter and Instagram. Then I hop in the shower while T takes Duke outside and feeds him. Once out of the shower I do my morning routine ;)
 Once I'm dressed I put on my makeup and do my hair. (I really need to buy a full length mirror for our next place).
The demon puppy is tied up because he was misbehaving and now it's T's turn to get ready while I pack my bag. Since we're so behind on laundry I throw in a load and then Duke goes in his crate waiting for a treat before we leave for class.
It's pouring outside which is no fun. Class is.. class haha Then I get to work- I work as a Student Receptionist in one of the departments on campus. Yummy lunch! I'm going to miss that chili more than anything.
 Once I finish my work for the day I do a little Pretty Little Liars reading. I fly through those books when I have time to read. Walking over to the speech clinic in my Hunter Wellies and rain coat. Therapy room all set up! I also have a meeting after therapy with my group and supervisor.
While waiting for T to pick me up I send my Grandparents a email because they're currently in London! T and I have started tanning to get our bodies ready for the Caribbean sun. Once home I read a couple of blog posts while snacking on Pepper Rings. Left over Ribs from Applebee's for dinner- I know it doesn't look very appetizing, but I promise it was!
Catch up on some DVR while T plays a computer game. Do another load of laundry. Cuddle on the couch with Duke while he sucks on the blanket... and read a little more Pretty Little Liars.
I met two of my friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for .50 wings and drinks. Put on my PJs. Get ready for bed. Check Twitter/Instagram one last time and curl up next to my hubby <3

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apartment Tour | Living Room

This is the second to last apartment tour post, which is perfect timing because we move out in 3 weeks (and one of them being while we're gone on vacation)! We're moving in with my in-laws for a couple of months while T starts summer classes, I search for a job, and we search for a house to rent on the East side of the state! That's one of the reasons I really wanted to document our first apartment :) Onto the tour...

 I spy a little puppy chewing on something that he isn't supposed to...
One thing this apartment definitely lacked was decorations (the picture frame doesn't even have pictures in it for Pete's sake!) and it'll be something I definitely change in our next place! Hello Pinterest :)

 My grandparents got us this storage cube thing for Christmas & I love it! We couldn't really put anything on the shelves because of a certain dog that likes to chew on everything, but I'm excited to find a way to decorate it!

 When we moved in I put all of our DVDs into binders and it saved so much space!

The few video games we have!
And what's on the other side of the room! Now that T is here he spends 70% of his time home at the desk and I'm at the dinning table.

We got so many drinking glassware for the wedding that I knew we had to find a bar cart!
And there you have it :) Next Sunday I'll post what's in our closets, because we have a ton for a one bedroom apartment (4 that aren't the linen closet or the bedroom closet)!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday | Girls Getting Ready

The entire bridal party got ready at a hotel near the wedding site- the girls in one room and the boys in another. Due to bad planning we didn't get as many getting ready pictures as I would have liked- none of the boys :( but that's okay. So as a piece of advice for any girls currently planning make sure you schedule enough time with the photographers to take pictures before hand. I am very pleased with the pictures we did get though!

The first stop of the day was to the hair salon! Colleen has styled my hair for all of my high school dances so it was only fitting that she did my wedding too ;)
A couple of the bridesmaids and I went to Clinique to get our make up done!
Waiting around the hotel room before the photographers got there!
Dun.. dun. dun.
My great-grandma's real pearl necklace <3
Army garter
Touching up the lipstick!
Staying hydrated! Man I miss that "tan"!!
Me and my girls watching the boys walk in!