Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apartment Tour | Living Room

This is the second to last apartment tour post, which is perfect timing because we move out in 3 weeks (and one of them being while we're gone on vacation)! We're moving in with my in-laws for a couple of months while T starts summer classes, I search for a job, and we search for a house to rent on the East side of the state! That's one of the reasons I really wanted to document our first apartment :) Onto the tour...

 I spy a little puppy chewing on something that he isn't supposed to...
One thing this apartment definitely lacked was decorations (the picture frame doesn't even have pictures in it for Pete's sake!) and it'll be something I definitely change in our next place! Hello Pinterest :)

 My grandparents got us this storage cube thing for Christmas & I love it! We couldn't really put anything on the shelves because of a certain dog that likes to chew on everything, but I'm excited to find a way to decorate it!

 When we moved in I put all of our DVDs into binders and it saved so much space!

The few video games we have!
And what's on the other side of the room! Now that T is here he spends 70% of his time home at the desk and I'm at the dinning table.

We got so many drinking glassware for the wedding that I knew we had to find a bar cart!
And there you have it :) Next Sunday I'll post what's in our closets, because we have a ton for a one bedroom apartment (4 that aren't the linen closet or the bedroom closet)!

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