Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday | Girls Getting Ready

The entire bridal party got ready at a hotel near the wedding site- the girls in one room and the boys in another. Due to bad planning we didn't get as many getting ready pictures as I would have liked- none of the boys :( but that's okay. So as a piece of advice for any girls currently planning make sure you schedule enough time with the photographers to take pictures before hand. I am very pleased with the pictures we did get though!

The first stop of the day was to the hair salon! Colleen has styled my hair for all of my high school dances so it was only fitting that she did my wedding too ;)
A couple of the bridesmaids and I went to Clinique to get our make up done!
Waiting around the hotel room before the photographers got there!
Dun.. dun. dun.
My great-grandma's real pearl necklace <3
Army garter
Touching up the lipstick!
Staying hydrated! Man I miss that "tan"!!
Me and my girls watching the boys walk in!

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