Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Purchases

Moving: As of now we don't know where we'll be living come July 19th and I can't express how stressful it is. We're currently in limbo while I'm applying for clinical fellowship positions, because we have to go wherever the job is and as of now it doesn't look like Grand Rapids will be that location. Thankfully, we have a friend who said we can live with her for a couple weeks once our current lease is up and while Thomas finishes his semester. It is so draining applying to multiple positions a day and having nothing come of it... yet.
One Tree Hill: I've restarted the series on Netflix, while I'm unemployed / have ample free time, and I'm loving even more than I did the first time through. I'm currently on season 7, right after Lucas and Peyton left, so  I have 3 more seasons to go. It takes me back to high school, watching the episodes with my best friends, and I can't believe how much of the storyline I forgot. It'll always be that one special show for me!
Visitors: Tomorrow my grandparents and their best friends arrive in town for two full days of all things Grand Rapids and I can't wait to play tourist guide :) The weather should be beautiful and we have a lot of fun things planned!

Boyfriend Shorts: After purchasing (and returning) 4 pairs, I have finally found a pair! These ones from Old Navy are perfect; they actually fit me well and were only $13!
CND Vinylux Nail Polish: I heard about this nail polish from Youtuber MakeupbyTiffanyD and love it! For me, it doesn't last a full 7 days but it lasts longer than "normal" nail polish does (around 4 or 5 days). I purchased 4 colors- Cream Puff, Cake Pop, Hot Pop Pink, and Powder My Nose.

I used to write Thursday Thoughts posts, but recently saw this "style" on Annaliese's blog Southern Belle in Training and thought I'd try it out! Definitely check out her blog if you haven't :)


  1. I bought a new pair of shorts (and 2 dresses I probably did not need...) at old navy last weekend for only $13!! It was such a steal, I probably should have bought some more!

    Isn't the wait for the job offers just awful?! Somedays I get so antsy & start FREAKING out, other days, I am okay. It is such an up & down process.

    1. Their deals have been crazy lately! It definitely is an up and down process... feels like I'm applying to grad school all over again :( WAAAAH!