Thursday, June 23, 2016

Michigan | Holland Tulip Time Festival

Holland, Michigan is best known for two things: tulips and Dutch culture! It's an adorable town right off of Lake Michigan and every May they host the annual Tulip Time Festival where they showcase the millions of tulips that bloom. Yes, I said millions. Who knew there were so many varieties of tulips? I certainly didn't! Given that Holland is only a 30 minute drive from Grand Rapids it was a no brainer to check it out.

We drove into town, parked the car, and just started walking. We walked through the neighborhoods and then ended up on 8th Street, which has a ton of shops and restaurants. The Tulips were everywhere we looked! We stopped a New Holland Brewing Company for lunch and then walked around for another hour. Unfortunately, due to our lack of researching/planning, we never made it to the windmills. I guess that just means that we'll have to go again :) My favorite tulips were the neon pink ones!

It was a perfect day trip and we'd love to visit Holland again!

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