Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Washington DC Days 3 & 4 | Arlington & National Zoo

After all of the walking we did on days one and two we decided to slow it down for our last two days in DC. On day three we headed to Arlington National Cemetery. The weather wasn't the best, cold and rainy, but kind of fitting. Visiting the cemetery with two disabled veterans was an experience that's hard to put into words. It was humbling to say the least. We walked around the grounds, Robert Lee's house, the Kennedy gravesite, and watched the changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

After a few hours we headed back to The Mall where we visited a couple Smithsonian museums. We grabbed lunch in the cafeteria of the Natural History museum and then walked around for a little bit. There were way too many school groups running around to make it enjoyable so we decided to head to the next one: the Air & Space Museum. We were able to enjoy the entire museum before calling it a day and heading back to our airbnb. We said goodbye to Shawn and then laid low the rest of the evening.

The plans for our final full day was to visit the National Zoo and it was one of the things we were looking forward to the most. Unfortunately, it was still freezing cold and pouring. Not the most ideal zoo weather, but we made the best of it. We spent the majority of our time there at the Panda exhibit, both outside and inside. How crazy is the monitor control room?!

That pretty much sums our trip and while we had a great time there are a few things we'll do differently next time: less walking (we walked almost 50 miles in four days!!!), explore the night life, and plan out meals (we weren't impressed with the food we had due to lack of research/planning).

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