Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap | Trip to Torch Lake

We spent this past weekend with our friends at their families cottage on Torch Lake. We went once last summer and couldn't wait to go back. They even let us bring Duke this time :) The lake is so beautiful and is often referred to as "Michigan's Caribbean" and I definitely agree! Here's a peak at what we did-

{ONE} While I was packing Duke was pretty stressed out thinking that we were leaving again, he's had crazy separation issues since our vacation to Gaitlinburg and the move, but little did he know he got to come with us this time. He was pretty happy on the ride up.

{TWO} A little snapshot of the lake. The weather was a lot different from the last time we visited, which was causing pretty big waves.

{THREE} And a lot of wind. Duke wasn't too sure about the water at this point. He was more interested in sniffing the bird poop... #typical

{FOUR} Duke did enjoy walking on the deck though Saturday morning when the water was completely calm.

{FIVE & SEVEN} We spent a lot of time playing games, including my favorite board game- Clue!

{SIX} Watched the Michigan State football game at Dockside, a fun restaurant right on the water. We even got a glass that says "Even Torch Lake turns Spartan Green."

{EIGHT} Saturday afternoon we made a quick trip to a local orchard store and bought some donuts, cider, and of course puppy treats! Now I'm really anxious to visit one near home.

{NINE} From the looks Duke we had a great time and were pooped come the drive home Sunday evening. His funny sleeping positions always make me laugh :)

It was a great weekend with friends from home that we don't see nearly enough anymore. Now we're looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home after two weekends away.


  1. typical dog, wanting to play with poop.

    1. We took him to the dog park for the first time today and 99% of the time he just sniffed the ground -_- LOL

  2. Aw looks like a fun weekend! Those treats are so cute!!

    1. I'm a sucker for treats like that. I miss our dog bakery where we used to live, because they had the cutest ones!