Thursday, September 25, 2014

That One Time I Jumped Out of a Plane

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Thomas and I have causally brought it up from time to time, but never acted on it. Then my brother said that he really wanted to go this summer so we figure what the hell? We found a weekend that worked for the three of us and booked a jump!

We had absolutely no idea what to expect and what little we did expect was completely off. A few days before our jump we received an email from the company with a safety video and waiver forms. We signed our lives away and thought that we'd have a mini instructional class once we got to the location before our jump. When the day arrived we drove 45 minutes away, forked over the credit cards, and waited {and waited and waited}. In the email we were warned that jumps get delayed frequently due to weather and such, but we didn't realize that we'd be sitting around in lawn chairs for hours on end waiting. Like I said, we thought we'd have some sort of class before jumping out of an airplane! Nope, so we definitely weren't prepared. If I had a do over I would've brought a book, football/games, and food!  Our "scheduled" jump was at 11:00am and we didn't get called up until close to 3:00pm. That made me a little cranky.

We were all representing The Chive that day ;)

When it was finally our turn to jump we got suited up and paired with our tandem partners. I have to say mine was pretty good looking so I didn't mind being all up in his business and strapped to his chest ;) And then it was time to hop on the plane. At this point I was just anxious and hungry.

The ride up to 12,000ft took about about 10 minutes. There were roughly 15 people jumping and I was the only girl AND the last one to jump. Eeep. When it came time to jump I was ready to go! And the free fall didn't feel like anything I expected. It didn't feel like you were on a roller coaster, you didn't get that stomach to your mouth feeling, it just felt like you were flying. It is kind of hard to explain. But it was really freaking cold. I don't know why I wore shorts... We free fell for roughly a minute and then just coasted down for another 10 minutes. Once we were coasting my ears began to really bother me, but I should've expected that because I have trouble on airplanes sometimes.

 I was too busy looking down so my partner had to pull my head back LOL

It was a lot of fun and I think everyone {who isn't deathly afraid of heights} should do it once!! My brother and Thomas were in overdrive afterwards and immediately wanted to go again LOL I'd do it again if it was at a cool location (near water, the Grand Canyon, ect) since it isn't cheap. I'm so glad we paid the extra money {$90/each!!} for a photographer/all of the pictures though and I think they were worth every penny.

Have you ever been or do you have any interest in skydiving?



  1. I've wanted to go forever, but it's just SO much money to drop in one day! Plus, I think Seth would crap himself if we ever did this LOL. Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Keep an eye out for Groupons (if you have someone who would go with you!) because I heard companies offer them from time to time. Our trip cost so much because 1- we're two people 2- we paid for my brother as an early graduation gift!