Thursday, September 18, 2014

These are my Confessions...

I confess... I had every intention of being completely caught up by now and posting new content, but that just hasn't happened yet and there's only one reason why...

I've been completely sucked into Scandal on Netflix and want to finish all three seasons before season 4 premieres next week. That's right I've jumped on the Olivia Pope bandwagon. And I'm completely obsessed with her wardrobe. I need to hire a stylist ASAP, because the Lord knows how helpless I am when it comes to fashion. Why didn't anyone tell me I needed to watch this show?! I even have Thomas somewhat interested!

I also confess... that this is the first Netflix show I've completely binged on. Does that make this absence a little better? I have a feeling Gilmore Girls is next.

I confess... I've come to the realization that yoga pants and Mossimo $5 vnecks aren't going to cut it anymore. I'm no longer a nanny and unfortunately that isn't the appropriate attire anymore. So no more Lululemon purchases, picking up a new vneck every time I go to Target, or buying that baggy sweatshirt just because it looks so comfy. Someone remind me of this when I make my Christmas list.

I confess... Thomas and I took a quick weekend trip to Chicago this past weekend and had a blast! I'll share a full recap soon.. maybe even tomorrow... ;)

I confess... I have a huge interview coming up on the 27th and I'm scared out of my mind. When I'm not watching Scandal I'm prepping myself for this interview. I'm hoping that the next ten days pass quickly so that I can stop stressing about it. I'd appreciate any well wishes sent my way :)

I confess... I've been craving French Onion Soup ever since the weather started to get cooler so I decided to make some for dinner last night and it tasted like crap :( I am definitely not a chef by any means.

I confess... I'm over this whole unemployment/SAHW gig. I feel like I'm incompetent and I feel like a complete bum. I'm the type of person that thrives on a busy schedule (or any schedule for that matter) and not having anything that I "need" to do everyday drives me insane. I also hate cooking, constantly picking up after others, and feeling unproductive. Since this is the situation for now I need to make some changes for my own sanity.

I confess... I still feel a little rusty when it comes to blogging. It's a little overwhelming coming back after disappearing and then starting over again. I'm sure I'll find a groove again shortly though! Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. LOVE Scandal! So excited for it to come back next week! I also can't wait for Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Which makes no sense since I own all of the DVDs. Convenience, Convenience.

    Are you looking for a nanny job in your new area now or what are you plans? Hope you figure out something you enjoy soon! :)

    1. Ahhh, I got sucked in so fast and now I'm really excited for this season!

      Right now I'm applying for jobs and interviewing for grad school, so I'm stuck in a limbo :( I hate being in limbo! Hopefully, I find out ASAP!