Friday, September 12, 2014

Travel | Ludington and Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI

Right after we moved to Grand Rapids Thomas' army buddy, Ford, came to visit us in Michigan. He had visited before for our wedding, but due to all of those festivities we never got a chance to show him Michigan's beauty. So that was our goal for this trip!

He flew into Detroit, got to spend a day with our families, and then we headed west. We spent a few days in Grand Rapids, drinking and hanging out downtown with friends. We took a miserable tubing trip, where I honestly thought Ford was going to get hypothermia. Our next stop was Sleeping Bear Dunes, which was voted the most beautiful place in America a few years ago! We stopped in Ludington, MI to stretch our legs and put our feet in Lake Michigan.

After walking the pier, making a pit stop, and grabbing some snacks we were back on the road. We checked into our campsite, popped our tent, and then left to explore the dunes. It had been years since even I had been there and man I don't remember them being so steep and difficult to climb. It was definitely a work out, but the views were breathtaking and worth it!

Once at the top we decided to stay put so that we could watch the sunset before trekking back down and heading back to our campsite.

The next morning we packed up our campsite and decided to check out a "hike"... it wasn't exactly what we were expecting and it definitely wasn't on the dunes/didn't offer amazing views, but it was still fun.

Now we're hoping to make a trip out West to visit him in Arizona one day soon and another trip up to Sleeping Bear Dunes!

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