Sunday, August 14, 2016

Traverse City Ale Trail | Right Brain Brewery

I mentioned in our camping trip recap that the first day we had an ambitious goal of completing the TC Ale Trail in one evening. We were determined! This "trail" is comprised of 8 breweries in Traverse City. Unfortunately they're pretty spread out (one is 25 minutes up the peninsula!) and since we were doing it on a weeknight a few locations closed at 10pm. These two factors really put us on a time constraint, but like I said, we were determined and it paid off! With only minutes to spare we completed it :)

Our first stop was Right Brain Brewery. Right brain is the perfect name for this brewery, because it is weird! More of a warehouse with random, strange art everywhere. There were a few games to play, but we didn't have time to hang out. Not to mention there's a hair salon right next door with glass walls... They also sell a tank that says "beer bitch" if that suits your fancy ;) All of this to say that it was still a cool place and it'd be a great place for ! Everyone ordered a beer and we split a cheese board appetizer before heading to the next stop.

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