Thursday, March 16, 2017

Weekending | Back to Grand Rapids

Another great weekend is in the books! After working a half-day on Friday we hit the road to Grand Rapids. We decided to lay low Friday night and then almost burnt the house down due to a grease fire, enjoyed a Catholic Lent dinner of fried fish, and spent way too long playing Play Nine.
We hit up Wolfgang's for breakfast on Saturday before the girls headed to the bridal salon to try on a few more bridesmaid dresses and the boys flew the drone. We met up again for lunch at O'Tooles/Harmony Hall and spent a couple hours playing Codenames. Yes, we're those people now :)
Then it was time for the main event or the main reason we went to Grand Rapids... a roller skating birthday party for Zach! The boys rented out a local rollerskating rink and it was awesome! I felt like I was 10 again :)
By the time the party was over, we scarfed down some pizza, and got back home we watched our clocks turn from 1:59am to 3:00am and promptly passed out. We had to leave bright and early Sunday morning which was rough and why I'm still dragging today... I just can't hang like I used to ;)

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