Thursday, July 7, 2016

Grand Rapids | Fredrick Meijer Gardens & Sculptures

One of Grand Rapid's many gems is the Fredrick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. It is ranked in the top 100 most-visited art museums in the world, so you can imagine that people come to Grand Rapids from all over the world to see it.

Since we moved to Grand Rapids in August of 2014 we have visited the gardens 7 times, taking different people and going at different times throughout the year. T and I have been in the fall, my grandma and I went to Holiday Exhibition last winter, and we've been a handful of other times. We still haven't seen everything! I'd highly recommend stopping by if you're ever in Grand Rapids. I've broken my pictures into four sections: sculpture park, Japanese garden, children's garden, and indoor gardens.

Sculpture Park
Meijer Gardens has over 200 sculptures throughout the grounds. I highly recommend taking the tram ride for this section, $4 ticket, as there is a tour guide who provides you with some background information. It's probably no surprise that The American Horse is our favorite!

Japanese Garden
The newest section, which opened last August, is absolutely breathtaking. Very calm, serene, and relaxing. A lot of water, bridges, and an awesome Zen Garden.

Children's Garden
We decided to check this out on a whim during our last trip, because we had time to kill before our tram ride and were blown away! It is such a great place for children to explore, learn, and have fun! My favorite feature is the Great Lakes water "table" section.

Indoor Gardens
Inside the main building there are a handful of horticultural displays, where you can find different plants that grow in different climates/locations (tropical, desert, etc.).

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