Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap | Snowed In

This weekend wasn't nearly as exciting as last weekend, but it was nice to have a low-key weekend before the busyness of the holiday picks up again. Add in an unexpected snow day and I guess it wasn't too bad.

Friday | Work was easy going as Fridays are my "catch up" day. I saw a few students that were absent during their therapy times and then headed to my monthly SLP meeting. Due to the holiday, this months' meeting was held at a local BBQ joint in downtown Jackson. We all had lunch together and then did a little gift exchange. Funny enough, I got the gift that my CF-mentor brought! Our "meeting" ended early, which was a nice ending to the week. Once Thomas got home from work we stopped at Red Robins for dinner and then headed to pick up my grandparents for my uncle's birthday party at a Karaoke Bar. My brother and his girlfriend met us there and we all had a great time. 

Saturday | I was up early Saturday morning so that I could get to Verizon as soon as they opened. I finally was able to upgrade my 16gb iPhone 6 to a 164gb iPhone 7. I was so sick of getting the notification everyday that I had no storage space! I better never run out of space again ;) Thomas worked at REI and I didn't really do anything besides grocery shopping and catching up on the DVR. Duke has been such a cuddle bug lately, so we enjoyed some time on the couch together. Once Thomas got home from work we watched Sausage Party... it was completely ridiculous.
Sunday | Was the usual cleaning, laundry, and getting ready for the week ahead day. Add in over TEN inches of snow and we were officially snowed in. Of course Duke loved it so we took him out a few times to run around in the tennis court lol Around 6pm I was notified that school was cancelled for Monday. It was great knowing before going to bed and being able to turn my alarm off! I was definitely very stir crazy by the end the night though. I can only take so much time at home.

Monday | After sleeping in a little I had some work that I needed to do so I did that first thing. Since Thomas still had to work I met him for lunch at a Sushi restaurant close to his work which was fun and it got me out of the apartment. After lunch I finished up our Christmas shopping! I'm glad to have that completed and that it wasn't so busy while I was out. I spent the rest of the day making cookies for a cookie exchange at work this week. I am not a baker, but Thomas said the batter tasted pretty darn good so I'll call that a win. 
So as you can tell it wasn't the most eventful weekend, but it wasn't a bad one either. Now I'm down to only one more Monday before Winter Break! Liking up with Biana.

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