Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Recap | Labor Day Weekend

Why can't every weekend be a holiday weekend? I wanted to take full advantage of my four day weekend and we did just that!

Friday | T and I headed towards Grand River Brewery in Jackson, but first stopped at my work so that I could show him the town, buildings, and where I go everyday. The brewery was nice and the weather was beautiful. Our next stop was the oldest Cider Mill in Michigan, Dexter Cider Mill. We each got a spiced donut and shared some cider. Both were delicious! We headed back to our apartment, took a little nap, and then headed to the gym. Leg day was a killer so we spent a few minutes in the sauna afterwards. The rest of the evening we watched the Michigan State football game.

Saturday | We woke up early and headed out of town to avoid all of the U of M game traffic. We picked up my father-in-law and grabbed brunch in Downtown Plymouth at Crawford's. I spent the rest of the afternoon helping my grandparents with technology things, while Thomas helped his dad with house projects. That evening we headed over to Downtown Detroit with friends to check out a few breweries and have dinner at Green Dot Stables. It's amazing how much Detroit has grown and progressed!
Sunday | I spent the morning cleaning the apartment and running errands, you know, the usual stuff. Then we headed over to a family friends' house for some swimming and grilling. We ended the night with the final bonfire of the summer! We ended up staying until 3am and had a great time catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.
Monday | We headed down to Ohio with my in-laws to visit the Toledo Zoo. It was a great zoo, but man was it hot! My favorite exhibits were the Red Pandas and the Orangoutangs. The Red Pandas were zooming all over their enclosure, which was so fun to watch. One of the Orangoutangs was filling up a plastic bottle with water from a spigot before drinking it and it was amazing to see how brilliant some animals are. The zoo had a couple babies which were adorable as well. Once we got back to Ann Arbor we grabbed pizza at The Original Cottage Inn and it was delicious.

It was definitely a busy 4 days, but I'm glad we took advantage of the time off. Now work really starts!

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