Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Five

Phew what a week! I don't think I've look forward to a Friday this much in a very long time. I am ready for the weekend.
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One. First Full Week
The main reason why I'm ready for the weekend is because this week was my first full week of the school year and it has been exhausting. I'm certainly getting a taste of what being a "real" speech-language pathologist feels like. Constantly running around, asking 50 questions a day, going into the wrong classroom, arriving late (... and early), changing the schedule every other day, and the list goes on. That doesn't mean I don't love it though, because I do. I still have to pinch myself that I'm finally here.
Two. New Kings of Leon Music
We've been waiting so long (three years to be exact..) for this! They released their new single, Waste A Moment, last week and the full album comes out October 14th. KOL is one of the few bands that Thomas and I both really enjoy. I am not a huge fan of the trippy theme they have going on though...
Three. Great Weekend... That I Didn't Blog About
I never had time to write the post, but I don't want it to go undocumented so here's a short and sweet recap :) Saturday we went to a fall festival hosted by T's Catholic grade school with his friends from grade school. Over priced beer and mediocre food, but the company couldn't be beat. Half of the group then headed to Ann Arbor to see the final midnight movie of the year at the State Theatre, Mad Max. It was definitely a unique experience. I'm not a huge fan of the movie to begin with, Thomas slept through the entire thing, and the chairs were the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever (voluntarily) watched a movie in. Sunday we headed over to Detroit to see the Tigers play. It was the most perfect day for a baseball game and despite the loss, we had a great time! After the game we decided to stop at Cheli's Chili Bar and look who was hanging out outside... Chris Chelios himself.
Four. Essie Gel Polish
It's been all the rage lately, but for me, it's lived up to it's hype! I'm currently on day 8 and my nails don't look awful. So far I've purchased four colors (Fairy Tailor, Take Me to Thread, Model Clicks, and Caviar Bar) and have a couple more on my shopping list.
Five. Fall Candles
I'm not a "OMG IT'S FALL" type of gal, but I do love some Leaves and Black Cherry Merlot candles from Bath & Body works :)

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