Monday, May 16, 2016

Quick Catch Up

Phew, what a month it has been! Today I'm sharing a quick recap of all we've been up to and in the upcoming weeks I'll write more in depth posts.
April 21st was my last day at my internship and the beginning of the end so to speak. I will miss those kiddos and they sure taught me a lot! The following day I submitted my final assessment for my online class and picked up my cap and gown. I was officially DONE with my Masters degree! 

April 22nd I presented at the annual Michigan Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA) conference which happened to be in Grand Rapids this year! The presentation was for the program I did my summer internship at.
The next morning was our commencement ceremony! WE DID IT!

Thomas chose not to walk, but he graduated too! 

We had one day to recuperate before T & I headed to Washington DC for five days! We had such a great trip and Thomas already wants to go back.

Now we're getting caught up on... life. So much laundry, DVR-ing, and cleaning to do. Now you can see why I've been MIA this past month ;)

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