Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GR Beer City Ale Trail | Odd Side Ales

My husband would say it isn't a weekend without a trip to a local brewery (or two..). This past weekend we ventured to Odd Side Ales. This brewery actually isn't in Grand Rapids, it's a 35 minute drive away in downtown Grand Haven. Grand Haven is a beautiful beach town right on Lake Michigan.
Had we not been with friends who had already been there we would've never found the place! There are no signs and it is in the middle of a "strip mall." Once inside, it was a pretty cool place. Wide open, ample tables, and a few games (including the infamous "bubble hockey"). One important thing to note is that they don't have a kitchen/serve food. They do, however, allow you to bring food in from outside. So we picked up gyros on the way and took those in.
Prior to visiting this brewery my husband had only ever had one of their beers so he opted for a sampler. He enjoyed all of them, especially the Sweet Potato Pie and Hazel Nuts.
Check this restaurant/brewery off of our never-ending must visit list! Don't worry, there are approximately 1,000 more ;)

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  1. there are SO many breweries in GR. You'll never run out of ones to visit ;)

    The Midwest Darling