Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's New with You | March

Perfect timing for a monthly recap post don't you think? I went MIA during March and this linkup allows me to recap the entire month in one post!

Life seems to be flying by at rapid speed and March was no exception. I had to look through my photo album to remind myself what happened.
We had our first fire of the year! There are a few things I love more than a summer bonfire, especially if they include S'mores :)
Every March Grand Rapids hosts a comedy festival called LaughFest. This was our first year going and it was so much fun! We attended a free stand-up show and a paid semi-pro stand-up show. Both were hilarious and obviously everyone had a great time.
I can't post a monthly recap without an adorable picture of my bugs! He is my favorite and best friend <3
Instead of dealing with the insane crowds for Irish on Ionia, we hung out on the top deck patio at The B.O.B. Where we enjoyed the sunshine and people watching!
T & I saw Batman vs Superman and enjoyed the new recliner seats! It was also cool recognizing all of the Detroit scenes in the movie.
The blue bridge is my favorite spot in Grand Rapids and we love walking Duke downtown. Where did this weather go?!
We may not have gotten one another Easter baskets, but we sure did get Duke one and he loved it!


  1. I thought about going to Irish on Ionia... but I didn't want to deal with the crowds either :) We went to the B.O.B. for valentines day last year and loved it. I don't get to Grand Rapids very often, but I'd go back to the B.O.B. in a heartbeat. Very cool place :)

    The Midwest Darling

  2. Yay for your first fire of the year! That looks so cozy. :)

  3. oh my goodness, your pup is freaking adorable!! i want to go to a movie with reclining seats.. my husband is such a weirdo when it comes to money at the movies, he'd never go to a cinema where the tickets cost more to sit in a comfy chair, he only goes to morning movies etc etc. no fair ;) thanks for linking up with us!