Sunday, August 26, 2012

Army | Ft. Polk, LA

While in the Army Thomas was stationed at Ft. Polk, LA aka the armpit of the United States as we like to call it. He spent roughly two years there, with a deployment to Afghanistan in between. And it was the pits. Seriously. The town outside of Ft. Polk, Leesville, consisted of strip clubs, bars, and what they referred to as "the mall" (Walmart, game stop, nail salon, laundromat). It was truly rural living and something that neither of us were used to or want to experience ever again. We are city people through and through.

While he was stationed there I was still in Michigan completing my undergraduate degree, but I'd fly down to LA about every other month to visit (and he'd fly home when he could too). We did our best to get out and explore; a few weekend trips down to Lake Charles, a trip to New Orleans, and a beach trip to Toledo Bend Reservoir, TX. The majority of the time I was down there visiting we just enjoyed each other's company and spent a lot of time at the pool.

 Thomas' side of his barracks room
 A weekend out in Lake Charles, visiting his cousin who lives there
 The Barber Shop that T got his hair cut at every week.. it was the size of a walk in closet
 Once we got married and he moved off post, this is what it looked like every time we went on post.
 I shot a gun for the first time down there.
 Waiting for our Alligator bites at a restaurant right on a bayou near Alexandria, LA.
We celebrated my 20th birthday in Leesville with a night at an adorable BnB.
Always at the pool!

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