Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

I know that everyone says it, but seriously where does the time go?! It seems like we moved to Grand Rapids just a couple weeks ago when it has actually been three months. I know that part of the issue is my erratic and all over the place work schedule, but the days just pass by in the blink of an eye. I'm constantly asking myself how the day is already over when I still have so much left to do. The house has suffered, this blog has suffered, and I just can't understand how people have time to do it all. Oh how I wish I could be one of them...

So lets back track to last weekend... Halloween. To be honest I've never been a fan of Halloween, more specifically the whole dressing up thing. In middle school and high school I took the easy route with football player/soccer player/ect. The last time I dressed up was in 2009 and I wore my MIL's cop costume, but this year Thomas was determined to dress up.

So Friday afternoon {yes the day of Halloween} we headed to Halloween USA in search of costumes. $100 later we walked out as Mario and Luigi {such a rip off!}....
 While the costumes were cute they 1) weren't worth the money 2) not practical for MI weather 3) a terrible idea
 It was pretty entertaining watching Thomas drink his beer through a straw, because his mustache was in the way!

Our friends drove in for the evening to "celebrate" with us and they blew our costumes out of the water! The were gnomes and their costumes were awesome! Homemade and very creative :)

Next year if we dress up again we'll be going that route- making our own costumes and that means planning in advanced, NOT waiting until the day of.

So how did we spend our evening? We started out at TGIFriday's for dinner where Karen and I had the most delicious Caramel Apple Martini! From there we headed to a local lounge that had live music and good drinks. Then it was time to pick up the rest of our group and head to a house party... and I'll never make that mistake again. I don't do well with college parties.. My poor husband thinks I'm such a party pooper. What a disaster and unfortunate way to spend our evening, but we did have fun with our friends once we made it back to our house and now we have a few funny memories!

Homemade costumes or store bought?

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