Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five {Vol. 2}

TGIF! Even though this week has flown by I'm still looking forward to the weekend :) Today I get off work at 6:00, tomorrow at 5:00, and then I have Sunday off! I can't wait to watch football, get caught up on laundry, schedule a few posts, and deep clean the house. I want to enjoy the down time as much as possible, because I know it's only going to get crazier as the holidays get closer. Now onto my Friday Five...

Last week my sweet husband came home from school with a couple Laker goodies for me :) Who knew we'd be reppin' the same school one day.. I won't even lie- receiving this made me even more excited to start in January! It's starting to feel real.

Speaking of grad school I've started to slowly purchase items off my my checklist including a laminator, clip board/binder thingy, and a new planner! After three years I've decided to go a different route from the Erin Condren Life Planner and picked up a Sugar Paper planner at Target this week.

We had a day date Monday and it was a lot of fun! We had a few errands to run, got dinner at Applebee's where we get 30% off for Thomas being a Veteran, and then saw The Best of Me. Even though I read all of Nicholas Sparks' novels I could not and still don't remember any of that storyline! It was weird. The movie was ok, nothing spectacular and I'd recommend waiting for it to come to Redbox.

Do you guys know about Bed Bath and Beyond's amazing return policy?! If not, let me tell you... so we got a set of very expensive pots and pans for our wedding two years ago. The picture on the left is how they looked last week, after numerous attempts at scrubbing them. SO GROSS! I took three into BBB and they gave me brand new ones for FREE! They also informed me that you are not supposed to use any heat over medium on nonstick pans, because they'll burn the outside and crack the inside. Of course I ended up buying $45 worth of stuff while I was there, but who cares we got new pots for free!

Thomas sent me this picture while I was at work Sunday and I about died. Duke obviously takes the cold weather very seriously and is really excited! Fall/Winter are his favorite seasons :)


  1. I mean, spending $45 at BBB isn't so bad if you get a whole set of pots for free! That definitely makes the $45 seem a lot better :) I love your school supply choices!

  2. Love all that new gear for your school!

    Holy crap, that is an awesome return policy!! I was there earlier this week and I seriously want to live in BBB. I CANNOT wait to register there one day. I seriously think that will be my heaven.

  3. That's good to know about nonstick pots and pans.. who knew?