Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Update on Sir Duke

It's been a while since I've posted about Duke, our 8-month old Keeshond and so much has changed! He's officially full size weighing in around 40lbs. He no longer has razor sharp teeth, but still chews on anything and everything. Including molding, eye glasses, medicine bottles, trees, flowers, fire wood, and his AKC paperwork.

Like I said he's not picky. Speaking of chewing, we've solved his tummy issues (we think he was eating too much and too fast). He's now on a grain free food and is fed using a Kong Wobbler so he has to work for his food and it slows him down A LOT. One of our best purchases for him!

He spent his first night(s) away from us when we were on our honeymoon and no longer sleeps in our room (FINALLY!!!) He goes to sleep when we do and doesn't wake up until someone else is moving around the house.

He's still adjusting to the move and no longer being the only dog in the house (my in-laws have two Yorkies). Sometimes he's a little too rough with them, but I think it's because he wants to play and they're too scared of him (he's 10x their size). Not to mention T and I have had complete schedule changes as well, so we're not home with him nearly as much as we used to be. It's been interesting to say the least. BUT! He is 100% potty trained! Woo hoo! Having a yard to run in and do your business on your on, instead of a leash, has definitely been a plus.

Now that the weather is nicer we've been taking him for at least one walk a day and they've become my favorite part of the day. It's our only time to be a "family of 3" and the exercise isn't bad either.


We've found a new vet (we were so sad to leave ours in Kalamazoo) and he has his first appointment next week. Hopefully we like them as much as our old one! We're getting him the Bordetella shot so that he can start going to doggy daycare. It'll probably only be once every other week or once a week at the max, but we want him to get the socialization and a day where we can get stuff done around the house.

Phew this post has turned out to be longer than I expected! I'll wrap it up with a few things he's been loving :)
As you can imagine from the pictures Duke gets extremely hot in the warm months so we bought him a pool to help keep him cool. He hasn't quite grasped the concept yet, but it's really fun to watch him!

He still LOVES car rides and going anywhere with us. And we love taking him anywhere we can. And finally, I think his most favorite thing in the whole wide world is running in the field without a leash. He is so fast and will run forever if you let him.

 Testing out Momma's new whip! He was watching a dog across the street in the picture on the right hahaha

So there's the worlds longest blog post on a four legged animal, but like I said A LOT has changed! And we still have a lot to work on: coming when called, not spazzing when someone wakes up/gets home, not "attacking" the Yorkies, and staying off of the counters Lol Everyday is definitely a new adventure ;)

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