Friday, May 5, 2017

New York City | Day Two

Day two was our busiest day of the trip, which is saying a lot after day one. We knew that it was going to be our best day weather wise and wanted to do as much as we possibly could! We got up bright and early, grabbed breakfast from a bagel shop next to our hotel, and hopped on the Subway. First on our agenda was checking out Fearless Girl and Charging Bull. I love, love, love Fearless Girl and everything she stands for!
From Wall Street we headed towards the Staten Island Ferry. I had read multiple "NYC Guides" about taking the free ferry, instead of a paid one, to get views of the NYC city skyline. I'm not sure it was actually any better, because their was no glass free area and the glass was filthy so getting any quality pictures was close to impossible. It was extremely foggy off of the river so either way pictures wouldn't have been the greatest, but I was really disappointed in the ones that I got.
Our next stop was the Chelsea Market. It was like the Grand Rapids Downtown Market on steroids. We grabbed lunch at Creamline where I had the most delicious grilled cheese, tomato soup, and chocolate milkshake! I highly recommend it.
We explored the Market and the shops inside for a while before heading back outside and hopping on the Highline. The Highline is a pathway made out of an old railroad and therefore is above ground. It was nice to get some more steps in and offered great views of the city! I also was blown away by the parking lot contraptions that you can see in the last Highline picture!! I highly recommend checking out both.
Once we had walked the Highline we headed back uptown. Next up on our list was heading to the Top of the Rock. We weren't able to prebook a ticket so we had an hour wait before we could head on up. We walked around Rockefeller Center to pass the time and I can definitely think of worse ways to kill time. The views at the top were incredible! I loved being able to see the Empire State Building from up above and I'd definitely recommend visiting Top of the Rock over Empire State. We stopped by the rink side restaurant for dinner on our way out and I love watching all of the people ice skating!
One of the main reasons for this trip was to see a show on Broadway. We decided on Waitress and it was amazing! Sara Bareilles wrote all of the music for the show and was set to star in it for a couple of weeks as well. Lucky for us, she was the star during our performance and she was downright amazing!
We decided that our extremely long day wasn't quite done and headed towards the Empire State Building after the show so that we could see the city all light up at night. On our way through Times Square we grabbed a $7 hot dog from one of the vendors and all I'll say is that the $7 ones at the ball park are way better! By the time we got to the Empire State Building the wait was 75 long minutes, but we did it.... only to get there for you not to be able to see ANYTHING due to clouds/fog. I was furious! We had just paid $30/pp and waited 75 minutes for nothing. So frustrating!

And on that note we called it a night. It was such a fun, but exhausting day!


  1. Love your pics.

  2. Your day seriously sounds so amazing, but a bummer that you couldn't see anything when you made it up to the top of the Empire State Building. We tried to go there during one of our trips, and luckily the workers told us that it wasn't worth it to go up there because it was too foggy. Chelsea Market and the Highline are seriously some of my favorite parts in all of NYC!

    1. I couldn't believe that no one told us there was no visibility! The Market was SO cool!