Friday, January 9, 2015

Review of 2014

Well hello there :) Before getting started let me wipe the dust off of this little ole blog of mine.... It's been quite a while since I posted here, but I told myself that I needed to do my year in review post. Years down the road I'll be so glad that I did.

2014 wasn't the best year, but it wasn't terrible either. Actually, as I was pulling pictures to post today I was pleasantly surprised at all we've done :)
 Duke attended his first day at puppy daycare.

Thomas visited his Army bud in Arizona.
Now I'm wondering when my girls only trip can be :)

 We took advantage of the TV sales going on for the Superbowl and splurged on a 65" TV and then had a little Superbowl party. I'm hoping this years party is even better!

We took a quick weekend trip to Chicago with 7 of our friends for the KOL Concert.

Thomas and I ran our first for fun 5k. In fourteen degree weather.


We were involved in a minor fenderbender when a women REVERSED in the left hand turn lane while at a red light. The damage was so minimal, but still required an entire new front bumper and grill.

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping in Lansing with a few family members and friends.

One day we made the trek down to Columbus, Ohio with Thomas' parents to see the Columbus Zoo, which is always a lot of fun!

Ran the worst 5k to date, but it was all worth it when my grandpa smiled :)

This month I also jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!


Celebrated America at the lake on the 4th of July

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip to Gaitlinburg, TN.

I had my last day with my sweet nanny girls.

We moved to Grand Rapids!

 Thomas' Army bud spent a week with us in MI and we took a trip up to Sleeping Bear Dunes.


Thomas and I took a weekend trip to Chicago.

 Duke turned two! And he's a completely different dog now.

It's meeee Mariooo. Halloween 2014.

99% of my time was spent at Macy's. I even worked Thanksgiving evening 8pm-6am and Black Friday from 12pm-3pm. It was a good Seasonal job, but I don't really miss it...

 We celebrated T's 26th birthday with our amazing Grand Rapids friends :)

My grandparents visited us and Grandma and I went to the Meijer Gardens for the Christmas tree display, which was a great time.

So like I said, in the end of it 2014 ended up being a pretty good year, but I have a feeling 2015 will be even better ;)


  1. Happy New Year, sweetie!

    You did a lot of fun stuff in 2014.

    Amy @

    1. Thank you! We definitely did :)

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