Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Goals

How is it already October?! This year has seriously flown by in the blink of an eye! I swear the older you get the faster time goes by. Before we know it it'll be 2015. Today I'm posting a few things I want to accomplish this month.

1. Work as much as possible- I am no longer unemployed! I'm working at Macy's for the holiday season. I figured that if I get into grad school the holiday schedule works out perfectly, because it ends in January. And I can't lie, I'm really excited about the employee discount ;) I start training on Monday and my "home" departments are HANDBAGS, fun jewelry, and intimates.

2. Finish one book- I haven't been reading as much as I used to and I've been "reading" the same book for two months now. It's hard to find the time now that fall shows are back and I'm blogging again, but I need to finish it!

3.  Visit an orchard- West Michigan has a ton of apple orchards and the one on the top of my list is Robbinette's. Our friends have raved about it and I figured we need to enjoy the Fall festivities before the snow comes!

4. Stay on top of blogging- I still have to finish my pages (about, bucket list, ect) and I'd like to be consistent with my posts. I'd also like to start an organization series soon!

What goals do you have for this month?

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  1. I want to go to an orchard so much! I don't know if I will have time this fall though. Have fun at the new job!